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Europort International Limited has granted The Academy rent free use of state of the art premises right in the heart of Gibraltar's technology sector. With quality office space being so hard to acquire in Gibraltar, this generous offer from Europort has been a game changer in making The Academy become a reality. 

The catalyst to The Academy's creation. Girls In Tech Gibraltar approached the Gibraltar Digital Skills Foundation to see what projects we had in mind that needed funding. They have provided a large proportion of the start up capital for The Academy and it would never have become a reality without their generosity. 


During their Crypto stamp launch this year, Coinsilium's co-founder Chairman Malcolm Palle announced that the company would donate funds to pay for professional courses run by The Academy, leading to two students start their CompTIA Security+ qualification in September 2021. Since then, they have also donated funds to purchase digital devices for children who had no provision, which will no doubt have life changing effects on their lives.

Bland Group's CEO Nicholas Gaggero has proven to be a firm believer and friend of The Academy in many different respects, providing invaluable advice and guidance to its setup and business model. To ensure The Academy's infrastructure was as best as possible, his Group paid for all cabling and its installation to ensure all 20 laptops were connected with Cat 6 cabling and Wifi was available throughout the facility. 


Digital Corner's Technical Manager Mahesh Basantani has shown tremendous generosity by helping the Academy setup with donating many items of hardware and has always been on hand to assist whenever needed. 

BetVictor have been firm supporters of The Academy and its charitable initiatives. They have donated a large amount of hardware for both The Academy itself and also as part of our outreach programme to ensure every child in Gibraltar has their own digital device to access educational content and the essential social elements of the digital age. Looking forward to future projects together.

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